Young Ones

Wise & Young’s Mission

Wise & Young is an intergenerational bridge of leadership development. Our social aspiration is to provide Europe with the next generation of leaders. We do so by linking young ambition with seasoned experience. Our consultants possess the eagerness to shape a sustainable future. Together, the Wise and the Young work with our clients to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

What we ask of you

We want you to bring your ambition and drive to the table. You are confident you can play a big role in shaping tomorrow and want to fast-track your career. You are not afraid to tackle challenges.

What we are looking for

You have a university degree (preferably Masters) and speak more than one language; English is a must. Having 1-2 years of experience is desired but not essential. You think on your feet, work well in a team and communicate clearly. You go the extra mile to reach your objectives. Money is not a real priority for you; instead you want to focus on developing yourself professionally.

What we offer

Did you recently graduate or quit a job you didn’t like? Do you have a degree but work behind a bar to earn some extra money? We are here for you. We want to help you fast track your career and do something professionally that matches your ambition. We want to help you take responsibility and ownership of your own future, and by extent our society’s future.

By declaring interest in our Mission, your profile will be posted into the Rapid Intergenerational Consulting (RIC) database, and on our website. This database is purposed for clients who are looking for someone like you. Upon the request of a client, you will be selected together with one other Young One and a Wise one, who you will work and grow with. The bulk of the money earned will be shared between you and the Young Ones. Wise & Young only asks for a small percentage of the fees.

How to join our Mission

Write our Co-Founder and Head of Recruitment Martijn van Ballekom. Include your CV and a short motivation letter explaining why you are interested to join our Mission.