Today’s business environment is as uncertain as ever. How often have you faced a last-minute predicament? Or you came across an opportunity you wished you could have seized? Too often, companies and organizations face internal operative constraints, and cannot capitalize on opportunities, or mitigate adversity.

This is why we are working hard on developing the RIC. The RIC is our future platform through which our clients, and those wishing to avail themselves of our services, will be able to request and immediately deploy their custom-made W&Y Team, consisting of Wise Ones and Young Ones, always on a 1:2 (and multiples) ratio, in three simple steps.[1]

In Step 1, the user will be able to input a description of their business need. Further, s/he can select variables to filter our Wise and Young Ones relating to their experience, knowledge, and skill sets.

In Step 2, the client is presented with the consultants matching their criteria. Here, s/he can play around and form different teams; when the 1:2 ratio is matched, the system will present key strengths.

In Step 3, once the client likes the W&Y Team they formed, the system will set up a meeting with W&Y to discuss and formally set up the project.

Through the RIC’s three step process our clients will be in the unique position to hand-pick their W&Y Team, as their needs dictate best, in a fun and intuitive manner. Our Wise and Young Ones will benefit from increased visibility, and fully entering our network.

At full maturity the RIC will function as a platform, similarly to those of companies such as Uber and Airbnb. Essentially as a two-sided marketplace. On one side our Wise and Young Ones; on the other the clients. W&Y would be the central node. It would be available on all devices possible, such as phones, tables, laptops, in forms of website and app.

[1] The 1:2 ratio (WO:YO) is fundamental to forming tomorrow’s leaders, today.

RIC and Wise & Young are patented trademarks.