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What sectors is W&Y looking to engage with most?

We do not have predetermined sectors, as we strive to have an agile model. We are an impact platform. Tell us your challenge, we will provide a solution. Our current service area is EU Funding solutions. These include matchmaking, recruitment, company positioning, and handling administrative and legal hurdles, as well as writing the application. In this ambitus, we focus on innovative SMEs, energy companies, and health care.

Why do the Wise Ones want to partake? What’s in it for them?

There is no contractual liability for them until they work for a client, plus:
    • Benefits:       
      • Increased visibility through our website, and forthcoming RIC platform;
      • Access to a top-notch network that is European and global;
      • Possibility to earn via victory bonuses;
      • Shaping two valiant Young Ones (per project);
      • Administrative support.
  • Expectations:
    • Mentor Young Ones;
    • Open to be on the RIC;
    • Integrity & professionalism.

Why would clients want to pay for short-term work (when they have staff with full salaries)?

Because they may not always have the knowledge/skills inhouse to tackle certain projects; hiring staff full time to do so can be costlier, and definitely more time consuming (e.g. setting up recruitment). For example, company A wishes to go for an EU funding opportunity, however they do not have the team internally for it. Hiring 2-3 staff members would be more expensive, and weight on internal operative capacity.

Joining the roster as a Young One, would it be feasible to commit whilst keeping a full-time job? How can both be balanced?

As long as there are no conflicts of interest, and you can commit to your expectations and ours. Further you have no contractual obligations until you sign to work with us for a client. Until then, we harvest synergies in our images.
Further to the above, it is important to note that being added to the RIC and our database as a Young One does not entail full-time commitment. Your work as a Young One depends on the projects that W&Y obtains, or that are brought in by WOs and YOs, and thereafter if you, as a Young One, are selected to partake in the project by our clients. Therefore, it is absolutely feasible to commit to your full-time job, and partake as a Young One.

How does W&Y facilitate the connection between Young and Wise?

Once the Wise and Young Ones are selected to work on a particular project, we connect these individuals and facilitate their first meetings, introducing the project, negotiating the fee structures with the client, and handling the remaining administrative and legal affairs. Thereafter, the Wise and Young Ones will be in contact throughout the duration of the project, learning from one another, and benefit long-term from having these connections after the project has ended.

How does W&Y find projects?

We have three avenues of project procurement:
  1. W&Y: we procure client, and project;
  2. WO/YO: brings in project, we handle the rest;
  3. Client: brings project, we handle the rest.
Interested in finding out more? Check out our case study, or drop us a line at!

How is W&Y's “war machine” set up?

We centralize networks and knowledge of Wise Ones, and together with our Young Ones’ grit, we are able to present potential clients with best solutions, based on best practices and knowledge.

Would it be a part-time position, based on needs? Or would it be a “real job”?

WO and YO enter our roster and are published on our website and relevant social media. Once they are deployed for a client, in terms of hours worked and effort required, it is a real full-time job.

What is the chance that one gets to work on a project? Is it possible that it’s never “your turn” because companies will pick other Young Ones or Wise Ones with more experience all the time?

We do not see this as a possibility. We are in charge of recruiting each tailor-made W&Y Team, and propose it to our client. We recruit only the best.

What is the RIC?

The RIC is a platform which centralizes consultants and service providers, thus showcasing their strengths. It can be used both as (1) a gamification of client procurement, and thus as a commercialization strategy; and (2) as a project outsourcing tool for businesses.
It is currently under development; find out more about it here!
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